Healthy Buildings

Hilson Moran has conducted extensive research into the benefits of healthy buildings. Through this we have identified many opportunities for building owners and occupiers to make changes to the working environment that will encourage staff to return to the office and at the same time improve staff performance, business profitability and real estate asset value

Healthy Buildings

Opportunities for building owners and occupiers

Despite most of the world having ended restrictions, the impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic are still being felt around the world.

The challenge for businesses is how to attract the workforce back to the office environment and persuade them that their place of work is both safe and healthy.

Through our extensive research of professional an academic organisations we have identified that this challenge also presents a big opportunity for businesses to increase the productivity of the workforce by applying a number of healthy building design enhancements.

These productivity gains are associated with improvements in cognitive functions from enhancements too human centred environmental performance.

Healthy Buildings

Delivering value

With approximately 90% of a buildings operating cost coming from staff costs a small improvement of productivity can lead to extensive returns on investment. Our work has also shown that’s applying green certification to deliver high performance buildings can also add significant returns on real estate asset value.

Healthy Buildings

Ensuring health and wellbeing

Based on a typical split of business operating costs, modest gains in staff health and wellbeing can deliver significant financial savings.

(Source: WGBC report and health, Wellbeing and Productivity in Offices, 2014)

The case for healthy buildings

Healthier buildings can help create happier, healthier and more productive people.

  • 6.5% reduction in sick leave for workers with views & daylight.
  • 8% increase in performance with ventilation from 5l/s to 20l/s.
  • 95% of tenants would prefer to occupy ‘green buildings’.
The case for healthy buildings
Healthy Buildings

Opportunities for change

Our research has identified key opportunities to make changes to the working environment, improving staff performance, business profitability and real estate asset value.

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