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Uniting disparate operational and control systems to create a seamless monitoring and interventions solution. Our connected approach adopts the most secure data management processes. We create a crucial interface that enables the building user to safely and seamlessly monitor, interact with and control their environment.

We deploy the latest technology to create a safe and secure touchpoint between the user and their environment. They can control and personalise their climate and manage the usage of their space in terms of lighting, acoustics, energy, access, and food services.

Our progressive, integrated design includes the specification of high-level occupied space data and building services monitoring and management. This leads to the most efficient and comfortable outcomes based on a wide range of internal and external collected data.

Our commitment to net zero buildings is inherent within our design approach. Our work generates enriched data that can be utilised for maximum building optimisation and ongoing operational and energy efficiency, both improving resilience and reducing downtime.

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ARM is one of the world’s leading semi-conductor designers and intellectual property suppliers growing rapidly and requiring not just more space but state of the art facilities to attract talent from around the world.

As part of the conceptual and design development process we considered many options, including the potential to use multi-sensors which could also be used to detect motion (and hence occupancy) of a particular space and via the BMS improve the performance and control of the M&E systems to suit occupation densities. Other options utilised include ‘Personal Control Software’ delivered via a ‘Personal Control App’, detecting the location of a hand−held user interface (usually a smartphone or tablet connected to the WiFi network), enabling the user to interact directly with the ‘management’ of the building systems.

These systems provide ARM with the ability to capture real time data on building utilisation and energy use and integrate with the BMS to optimise the performance of the building based on how it is being used. They will also allow ARM to make the most efficient use of their office space both in terms of occupancy and energy consumption, ultimately enabling ARM to maximise their investment on the building, along with helping to ‘future proof’ the office for potential future expansion.

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Spotlight on our  work in practice

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Design & Construction

  • Concept and strategies, feasibility
  • Detailed design and procurement
  • Tender, site monitoring, commissioning
  • Behavioural trials and seasonal commissioning
  • Product evaluation and testing


  • Design peer review and audit
  • Testing and troubleshooting
  • Survey and report
  • Research and development.
Services by our Connected Smart Buildings team

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