Transport Planning & Mobility

Creating connectivity between people, places, and the planet by sustainably improving movement. We put people first to design integrated transport solutions that unlock developments for those using them. We empower people to travel effortlessly and enjoy their surroundings as they do it.

Our designs start with improvements in air quality, security, noise and the overall human experience. We aim to ease congestion and aid the development of progressive environments such as walkable neighbourhoods and 10-minute cities. By creating a sense of place rather than a transition route, we speak to the human need for simplicity and comfort.

For almost every development we design, there is a need for a transportation strategy. Weaving this in at the early masterplanning stage maximises both sustainability and viability. It enables buildings to prepare for how people reach them – ensuring there are bike stores, car parking spaces, charging points and accessibility for all and, of course, a successful planning consent.

Our vertical transportation team provides specialist advice, design and management for all aspects of people movement in vertical transportation: lifts, escalators and facade access equipment. From double-deck lifts in 72-storey towers in the Middle East, to escalator upgrade and maintenance in local shopping centres, we offer a creative and dependable approach which is mindful of design intent whilst delivering safe, compliant and sustainable solutions.

We research the latest design techniques and emerging software and technology, allowing us to deliver solutions which represent the latest thinking and technology, whether we’re advising during the planning stages of building projects or carrying out vertical transportation design and management.

And we can help clients enhance their efforts to reduce carbon emissions by futureproofing developments in the face of changing transport trends. Our work enables places to adapt to the changing demands of its users in a flexible way that allows for greater levels of planet-friendly micro-mobility.


Spotlight on our work in practice

Atlantic Park

Connectivity and transport were a key driver for the site, with our transport team working to improve cycle connections and enable upgrades to public transport and buses. Collaboration with the local council was key to link in with their wider aspirations and ensure we were not just looking at the site in isolation.

Phase one ensures access to the site is futureproofed, providing the early enabling works and allowing the council to enhance the site’s onwards connectivity in future.

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Spotlight on our  work in practice

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Services by our Transport Planning & Mobility team

Feasibility & Planning

  • Due diligence and access appraisals
  • Transport assessments / statements
  • Travel plans & coordination
  • Transport master planning
  • Sustainable & active travel

Engineering & Design

  • Parking assessments
  • Delivery service plans & construction logistic plans
  • Junction modelling & engineering

Future mobility

  • Decarbonisation & electrification of transport
  • Micro-mobility

Vertical Transportation 

  • Traffic analysis
  • Feasibility
  • Optimisation
  • Façade access
  • Audit
  • Surveys and reports
  • Portfolio Management
  • Maintenance procurement
  • Forward and planned maintenance plans


Services by our Transport Planning & Mobility team

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