Hilson Moran joins NABERS UK Independent Design Review Panel

Hugh Gordon, Principal Consultant at Hilson Moran, has today been appointed to the NABERS UK Independent Design Review Panel. Consisting of just 11 industry sustainability experts, the panel will be tasked with upskilling the commercial real estate sector and reliably delivering energy efficient buildings.

NABERS is a world leading building performance rating that measures the environmental performance of buildings and has demonstrably reduced the energy consumption of commercial buildings by 33% in 10 years in Australia, where it was created. Now in the UK, NABERS UK is administered by BRE, in partnership with NABERS and the Better Buildings Partnership.

The panel acts as a procurement framework panel of shortlisted suppliers who have the necessary skills to be able to undertake an Independent Design Review for any project. Independent Design Reviews can only be undertaken by those on the Panel.

Following an initial expression of interest, candidates – including Hugh – have gone through a rigorous training and assessment programme led by the Better Buildings Partnership.

Speaking about the appointment, Hugh said “I am delighted to be appointed as an Independent Design Review Panel member, and look forward to working with forward thinking organisations who are keen to enhance their future building designs through the DfP/NABERS UK process.

“I feel NABERS UK is an opportunity that will have a real beneficial impact on our buildings, helping to ensure they operate as designed and, crucially, meet the zero carbon agenda within the UK”.

Sarah Ratcliffe, CEO at Better Buildings Partnership said: “The Design for Performance framework is critical in ensuring that office developers committing to a NABERS UK rating have the confidence that it can be delivered. The Independent Design Review Panel forms a vital piece of this jigsaw.

“We are delighted to be able to announce this list of highly skilled individuals who will not only be able to undertake IDR’s, but also contribute to upskilling the industry to deliver better, more energy efficient, buildings.”

See the full list of the NABERS Independent Design Review Panel here.

For more information about how NABERS can help you meet the sustainability ambitions of your building please get in touch with Hugh Gordon.

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