Hilson Moran responds to Climate and Biodiversity Emergency with Carbon Manifesto

Hilson Moran responds to Climate and Biodiversity Emergency with Carbon Manifesto

Launching on Earth Day 2021, Hilson Moran’s Carbon Manifesto is our response to an unprecedented climate and biodiversity emergency.

We believe we have the responsibility to drive change in our industry, in order to reduce carbon emissions to zero and prevent biodiversity loss.

We’ve already come a long way. We’ve worked across the globe on some of the first net zero carbon buildings, helped drive policy and worked with our clients to define sustainability best practice in the built environment.

But we must go further. Today we commit to our future, and that by 2030 we will:

  • Achieve net zero carbon
  • Prioritise energy reductions ahead of offsets
  • Adhere to circular economy principles

Across all our business operations.

We also understand that our design advocacy has the potential to far exceed our business activities and impact on the wider environment. Our Carbon Manifesto sets out our wider objectives, including:

  • To promote, educate and influence the construction and property industry.
  • To collaborate with professional institutions and academia.
  • To push the boundaries on all our projects and lead by example, through our actions as an organisation.
  • To provide our clients with informed choices at all project stages and deliver industry leading outcomes, to tackle the climate crisis.

We invite you to explore our Carbon Manifesto in full, and discover some of the ways we are making a difference; through our Business Operations, Consultancy and Leadership.

Explore our Carbon Manifesto.

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